yab-team-500What is the YAB?

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was created to make sure the activities of the Cygnet Study are designed to meet the needs of the study participants and youth overall. The YAB provides the CYGNET Staff with a youth's perspective to help target future study activities and public health messages in a more significant way.

Goals of the YAB

  • To raise awareness among youth and involve them in environment, health,and communication topics relevant to the Bay Area.
  • To engage youth in research.
  • To provide youth with leadership roles and, for those not serving on the YAB, it provides CYGNET girls with a peer to which to relate.

Accomplishments of the YAB

  • YAB members helped to redesign the Menstrual Calendar Diaries (MCDs) to make them more understandable and more private to encourage more participants to complete them and send them in.
  • YAB members suggested changes in incentives that would encourage more participants to attend clinic visits and return MCDs.
  • YAB members designed a "What to Expect at Clinic" flyer that was mailed to participants to share with them what activities they would complete in Year 8 of the study and to help them feel more comfortable at their visit.
  • YAB members helped to design the layout and content of the CYGNET website that you are visiting right now!

Check out the video Puberty, Breast Cancer, and the Environment, created and produced by the Youth Advisory Board on Youtube or on our homepage!!!