Subway as Nutritious as McDonalds for Teens?

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Although Subway promotes itself as a "healthy" fast food restaurant, a recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that there was no statistically significant difference in the calories that teens ate at either restaurant. Researchers from UCLA and other institutions recruited nearly 100 adolescents in Southern California to share the meals they purchased at both restaurants and found that, although the nutrient profile at Subway was slightly healthier, but the food contained three times the recommended daily amount of salt, most likely due to Subway's use of processed meats that are generally associated with obesity and other chronic diseases. 

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How Junk Food Can Affect Your Happiness & Health


Researchers at the University of Montreal recently published a study in the International Journal of Obesity reporting that eating junk food can actually alter your brain. They found that feeding mice diets high in sugar and fat changed the chemical activities in their brains and resulted in more feelings of withdrawal, like anxiety and depression, if they stopped eating it compared to mice eating a healthy, balanced diet. These feelings can often result in a cyclic pattern of poor eating in humans, where feelings of anxiety and depression cause them to eat more unhealthy foods for comfort.

To avoid the cycle of poor eating and prevent a poor diet from contributing to you feeling more nervous or sad, you should try to avoid trans and saturated fat whenever possible. Try to replace french fries with your sandwich to a salad or a donut for breakfast with whole grain cereal. Making better food choices will help make you healthier and happier!

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