Examples of Existing Outreach Materials Relevant to Environmental Exposures

Government materials

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Target Audience: General Public

What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer

More about risk factors for breast cancer.

Understanding Cancer Series: Cancer and the Environment
Set of almost 50 slides covering a range of topics from definition of environment, rates and risk, environmental carcinogens, human and animal studies, etc.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Target Audience: Teachers/students

Risk Factor Roulette
Lesson plan for students in grades 10-12 about understanding risk related to genes and environmental exposures.

Chemicals, the Environment, and You
Lesson plan for teachers and activity guides for students in grades 7-8 related to understanding chemical exposures.

Chemicals, the Environment, and You: Explorations in Science and Human Health
To help students in grades 5-8 understand major concepts that describe the relationship between chemicals in the environment and human health.

Environmental Factors and Breast Cancer Risk
Describes NIEHS-funded research, including Breast Cancer and Environment Research Centers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Target Audience: General Public

Cancer and the environment: What you need to know, what you can do
This training addresses concerns about the connection between cancer and exposure to toxic substances in the environment

Chemicals, Cancer, and You Fact Sheets
This booklet discusses the relationship between contact with harmful chemicals, cancer, and you. It will explain risk factors (things that make you likelier to get cancer), how cancer develops, and how contact with (exposure to) chemicals affects your body.

National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Target Audience: General Public

Tox Town
An introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks you might encounter in everyday life, in everyday places.    

Target Audience: Teachers/Students

Environmental Health Student Portal
Resource for students and teachers in grades 6-8 to learn how the environment can impact our health. The web site explores topics such as water pollution, climate change, air pollution, and chemicals.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Target Audience: General Public

Chemicals in the Environment Fact Sheets
Fact sheets on chemicals in the environment (how exposed to chemicals, how exposures may affect you and the environment).

Non-governmental Materials

Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Programs (BCERP)
Fact sheets are available on seven classes of chemicals, BMI, safe plastics. Also available are videos modeling breast cancer and environmental exposures and describing the biology of breast cancer, coloring books for children, reports, and more.

Puberty, Breast Cancer and the Environment - video

Zero Breast Cancer

Target Audience: General Public

The Breast Biologues
Award winning 15-minute animated video that uses time-lapse imaging to explain how the normal breast develops and how exposures to potential cancer causing chemicals during specific periods of development might influence women’s future breast cancer risk.

Generations at Risk? Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Health
Identifies the effects of the environment on reproductive development and potential cancer susceptibility

Taking Charge: Physical Activity, Neighborhood Environments, City Planning & Health
Presents the relationship of exercise and obesity to breast cancer risk, and how urban and neighborhood planners can support policies that promote physical activity and public health.

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)

Target Audience: Healthcare Providers

Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit
Toolkit – a combination of easy-to0use reference guides for health providers and user friendly health education materials on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals and other substances that affect infant and child health in migrant farm workers’ families.

Resource Guide for Clinicians
Links to various organizations and professional associations related to pediatric environmental health, occupational health, public health, disease prevention, etc. (Smartphone version of resource guide also available).

Target Audience: General Public

Cancer and Toxic Chemicals
Web resource with short, easy-to-read information about several chemicals.

Silent Spring Institute

Target Audience: Scientists, General Public

Environment and Breast Cancer Tools
Epidemiology and mammary carcinogens review databases, info about breast cancer cohort studies, interactive mapping, and more.

Breast Cancer Fund

Target Audience: General Public

Interactive tool on prevention in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and yard

10 Canned Foods to Avoid to Reduce BPA Exposure

Tips for Prevention (Out & About, Health & Beauty, Home)

Glossary for Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer

Cell Podium & the Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED)

Target Audience: General Public

Educational videos on breast cancer and the environment

Cornell University

Target Audience: General Public

Fact Sheets
More than 50 fact sheets related to breast cancer, chemicals, biology of breast cancer, etc.

Environmental Chemicals and Breast Cancer Risk: Why is There Concern?
Videos and slide shows

EnviroChem and Cancer Database (ECCD)